Howard Computers

Howard Computers

Closing Time: 03/12/2015 4:35 PM EST

THIS AUCTION IS CLOSING SOON! Please note that the auction closing time will be extended by 15 minutes if a new bid is submitted within the final 15 minutes of this auction.

Attention: By bidding, you are entering into a legally binding contract to purchase this lot if you are the winning bidder.

Proxy Bidding is an automated 'agent'

that you authorize to act in your place. This 'agent' will bid the smallest amount necessary to outbid other bidders and maintain your position as high bidder, up to the maximum bid you have entered in the bid box.

Proxy Bidding can save you time and help you ensure you get the items you want. With Proxy Bidding you don't have to constantly monitor your auctions and worry about being outbid!


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