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5 ways to protect your privacy like an FBI agent

If there's one person you'd expect to know privacy protection, it's an FBI agent. The FBI deals with a wide range of crimes, including computer hacking, so its agents know what works and what doesn't. Watch this clip from my show to see five tricks from an FBI agent about keeping your identity safe.

The margins on the Apple Watch are RIDICULOUS

Good business is all about the margins. If you don't make more than you spend, your business won't last very long! Everyone knows Apple makes more money than any other company, and they do it all on their margins. Watch this video to find out the insane amount of money

Apple makes on every Watch sold.

USB C: The cable of the future

Get ready to replace all of your computer accessories. Pretty soon they won't work with your shiny new computer. That's because your old USB A and B compatible gadgets won't fit the new USB C standard. Watch this clip from my show to learn more about USB C.

You won't believe what this jilted girlfriend did to her boyfriend's gadgets

What would you do if you found out your girlfriend or boyfriend was cheating? This woman did something extreme to her boyfriend's gadgets. Watch this clip from my show to find out what happened.

This is the weird Chinese app that's taking over your Facebook feed


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