How to download youtube videos to computer

YouTube is a worldwide popular video sharing website, where anyone may view, search, upload every type of video footage or clips related to movies (Hollywood, Bollywood), songs, Education, Lifestyle, Technology, Religion, Politics, News, Games etc.

This website has been created for users to watch and search online videos. Sometimes users like to download popular online videos in their computers or want to watch them in other devices (Mobile, iPod, DVD players etc). They do everything whatever know about downloading, but most of their effort goes in vain because YouTube video accepts Flash Video Format and downloading these videos are quite different from other formats. For easing the way of downloading Online YouTube Videos, a few cracking tips are being given. Just do it and be able to download running online YouTube Videos .

Various Steps for downloading YouTube videos

As you know YouTube video runs as Flash Video Format (FLV Format) and any user may download or capture these videos either by given processes:

1. Many websites allow to download YouTube videos. Through these websites, you may download your desired video clips.

2.  Through capturing software.

How to Download YouTube Videos through websites

Some Popular websites that allow users to download YouTube videos without paying money: –

• /








How to download YouTube video easily through website

1. Open YouTube and your chosen video clip and copy URL address of current playing video from the address bar of the browser.

2. Now log in websites and paste URL address of YouTube in URL locating tab box in saveid, and click Download button.

3.  After clicking download button, a new box will be opened which asks options for saving video format. Generally YouTube Videos is downloaded as FLV (Flash video), MP4, 3GP, AVI and Web Media format. If you choose MP4 it will be a better option for you.

After clicking this button, YouTube video will start downloading.

2. Through

capturing software:

How to download YouTube video through external downloader software

You can download your opted YouTube videos by downloader software. These software will help you in downloading these videos easily and in less time. Names of few software are being provided underneath.

Brief details of supported downloading software is below

• YouTube Downloader HD  Download link

• YouTube Download Manager  Download Link

Free Download Manager (FDM)  Download link

• Orbit Downloader  Download link

• Internet Download Manager (IDM) Download link

Steps to save YouTube Video through Using free Download Manager (FDM)

1. Open YouTube and play your favorite video and copy URL address from the address bar of your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera etc).

2. Open free Download Manager (FDM) software and click Flash Video Downloads Tab.

3. After that Create Flash Video Download menu will be opened, now you have to paste the copied URL (YouTube address bar URL).

4. When you will paste the URL an option box will come in front of you to change video in another format (as MP4, 3GP, FLV etc). Click on the option you want. After clicking the file starts downloading.

After downloading these videos, save in any folder wherever you want.

These days I use to download YouTube videos and other files through EagleGet. EagleGet is a very useful and simple software for this task. You could use EageleGet with no much applications and simple and easy user interface. You can download huge files and multiple files at a time as well at the same time. EagleGet shows all download task on its interface and you could pause as well as resume it at any moment. The big thing is if Internet connection is lost during downloading file the task is paused and you could resume it again. EagleGet Downloading Speed is magnificent. Once you will use it I think you will like it. I have never used so easy download manager.


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