Motherboard cable connections

Motherboard layout

from HP DX5150 Desktop (SFF) and Mini-towers

These Socket 939 motherboards appear frequently on eBay for as little as ВЈ20.00 but because this is an OEM board manufactured specifically for HP, MSI don't have a manual available on their website and what information is available from HP does not include details on these three headers. It is particularly important to know the pinout connections for the front panel header (F_P1), since you need

to know which pins to connect the power and reset switches to, to make the motherboard work. After extensive research I finally tracked down the information and decided to make it more widely available. Also included are details for the front panel USB header (JUSB1) and the front panel audio header (AUD1). There appear to be two versions of this board: ver 1.3 and ver 2.0, both seem to have the same connections as given here.


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