Get Home Theater Entertainment Centers with No Retail Markup

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Save Up to 50% on Home Theater Entertainment Centers

Create a thrilling movie theater-like experience with entertainment centers, flat screen TVs, plasma TVs, home theater projectors, home theater seating and more, which you can get for up to 50% off retail at a DirectBuy Club. DirectBuy carries virtually everything you need to complete your home theater direct from leading brand-name manufacturers and their authorized suppliers.

Visit a DirectBuy Club near you to see just how much you can save on top brand-name entertainment centers, TVs and home theaters.

DirectBuy Clubs Give You Purchasing Power

At DirectBuy, you’ll find various styles of entertainment centers and related equipment for your home, from hundreds of brand-name manufacturers and their authorized suppliers.

With all of this and more, DirectBuy can help you create a personal theater of your dreams complete

with big screen quality and surround sound – right in the comfort of your living room or family room.

Get Help Selecting Brand-Name Entertainment Centers

Wiring, hooking up and furnishing a home theater can be a big project but with professional design services from DirectBuy it’s easy. They’ll help you design your room so you select the right equipment and furniture for your entertainment room.

And with so many styles and options of home theater equipment, furniture and accessories to choose from, you’ll be able to create a look that flows with the other rooms in your home and complements your overall decor.


*All images on the website are a representation of the types of products that are currently available to DirectBuy members and are not meant to reflect a specific product model.


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