Overseas Internships Can Benefit, for a Price

AS the world becomes more interconnected, employers are clamoring for global experience in their work forces. So it should come as no surprise that college internships are going global, too.

Such internships can be pricey, because air fare is generally not included, a paycheck is unlikely and it can be hard to arrange them without outside help. But they can offer a window into a different business culture, along with a chance to practice language skills and perhaps earn college credit.

“I think if a student is interested in pursuing any sort of career outside

of the U.S. it’s a great idea to immerse yourself in the environment” through an overseas internship, said Lauren Berger, author of “All Work, No Pay” and chief executive of Internqueen.com. an online internship site.

And she doesn’t think you need rich parents to intern abroad. Financial aid could be available, she said, or “students can choose to work hard during the year and save up for something like that.”


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