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Best Yamaha Keyboards Buying Guide

On this page, I will help you choose a Yamaha music keyboard that meets your needs. With so many keyboards on the market, how do you know what to choose? We shall look at different types of keyboards by Yamaha and who they are suitable for.

In this section, you will find guides to choosing various categories of Yamaha musical keyboards. including Yamaha portable keyboards, PSR keyboards, DGX keyboards, YPG keyboards, YPT keyboards, digital pianos, Yamaha Tyros, Yamaha Motif, Yamaha arranger keyboards and more. We take a look at all these kinds of keyboards, their features and why you should choose one instead of another. Learn how to choose the best keyboard for you.

Yamaha Keyboard Buying Guides (Categories)

Read to find out what keyboard is best for you.

  • Yamaha PSR Keyboards  – PSR models are great for beginners, but there are more advanced ones for intermediate and advanced players as well.
  • Yamaha Portable Keyboards  – YPG or DGX models can be bought for as low as $199.99. These are for beginners. But there are more expensive models for intermediate and advanced players.
  • Yamaha Electronic Keyboards  – YPT models are for beginners. Low-priced.
  • Yamaha Digital Pianos  – If you’re a serious player looking for a keyboard with the feel of an actual acoustic piano, this is the category for you. Graded Hammer and Graded Hammer Standard digital pianos. 88 weighted keys.
  • Yamaha EZ Keyboards  – These are good for children or students. Fun keyboards. Keyboards light up and show you what keys to play.
  • Yamaha Arranger Keyboards  – These are great for professional players. Great for arrangers and come with built-in track sequencer.
  • Yamaha Motif Keyboards  – For the serious keyboard player. Some of them are very expensive and there are cheaper alternatives. Well-respected, highly-regarded, leading keyboards.
  • Portable Piano

    Keyboard  – This section takes a look at the various categories of portable keyboards mentioned above. PSR, YPG, DGX, YPT, EZ and so on.

  • Keyboard Vs Piano  – Should you buy a keyboard or an actual acoustic piano? Which is best? What is the difference between them? What are the advantages of buying a digital piano over an acoustic piano and vice versa?

Yamaha Keyboard Buying Tips

Yamaha makes quality keyboards. But in most cases, the more money you spend, the better the keyboard. Be sure to read reviews and consider your actual situation before choosing a keyboard. There’s no need to buy a more expensive keyboard with features that you will have no use for.

If you’re buying a keyboard for a child, you may want to consider buying a cheaper model like the PSR-E models. until you’re really sure that the child is serious about playing. Only then should you think of dishing out more money for a more expensive, more advanced model. These cheaper models are also a lot of fun for kids.

Look out for a feature called Yamaha Education Suite. This feature helps them learn how to play. Most beginner models come with this feature.

If you want to develop finger strength from an early age, and you’re serious about playing the piano, you should buy a digital piano which comes with weighted keys, like a P105 or P155.

Serious players have surely heard about the Yamaha MOTIF series. If budget is an issue and you’re looking for the MOTIF sounds but at a cheaper price, there are mini-motifs available for you, like the MOXF6 and MOXF8. But if money is not a hindrance, by all means, the MOTIF XF series is the one.

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