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thomson - technicolor - speedtouch modem setup: routed configuration example for all models

1. open up your web browser and type in in the address bar at the top and hit enter. this will open up the speedtouch home page (HINT: good idea to set your nic card to 192.168.1.xxx and gateway to and use default netmask

2. click on the speedtouch menu on the left

3. scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the set up link

4. a new page will open up. click next

5. select routed PPP, then PPOE (not PPOA) and click next

6. make sure that the vpi/vci is 0.35 for the bell network and 0.33 for telus (your isp can tell you which setting to use if are outside north america)

7. enter in your user name, password and confirm password and click next

8. you can either enter in a password here or leave it blank and click next

9. click on start

10. wait for a couple seconds.

Source: www.speedtouch.ca

Category: Software

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